20th Century Regional Art of the Pacific Northwest

F. Carlton Ball

Paul Bonifas

Barbara Brotman

Gail Chase

Phil Eagle

Betty Feves

Francis Ford

Jerry Glenn

Ralph Gray

Jean Griffith

Ray Grimm

Ngaire Hixson

Ulla Winblad Hjelmkvist

Howard Kottler

Henry Lin

Ralph Lodewick

Loren Lukens

Patrick McCormick

Margaret McEachern

Louis Mideke

Lucille Nutt

Maya Oakes

Ben Sams

Sam Scott

Frances Senska

David Shaner

Jeanne & Robert Speelmon

Ralph & Lorene Spencer

Robert Sperry

Peter Voulkos

Patti Warashina

Virginia Weisel

Jane Wherrette
Here are just a few of the ceramists you will see at my gallery.

The majority of  NW studio ceramics I carry date from 1945 - 1975 and were produced in Washington, Oregon and Montana.

You will also find pieces by other noted national ceramicists including Marguerite Wildenhain, the Natzler's, the Heino's. Rose Cabot, Antonio Prieto, Karen Karnes and others.
Please let me know what you are searching for.